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Tuesday, June 06, 2006 

SEL's Ramblings

Greetings noobies, it's been a while. I recently came back from an extended-weekend trip up to Bozeman, Montana with my buddy Walt. If you've never been there, you definitely need to go. The landscape is beautiful, there were a surprising amount of very attractive women, and the people there are super-nice. I described the people to my mother (a serious Texan) as: "Very warm and genuinely friendly, like your typical Texan... minus the accent, the hick tendancies, and the uber-conservativeness."

Anyway, it's always nice to just get away every now and then. I don't live a very stressful life, in fact my stress level usually hovers between 1 and 2 on a scale of 1-10.... but it's still nice to just change things up a bit, get out of your routine, and go take it easy somewhere else. I highly suggest Bozeman if you're looking for a cool place. In the words of the immortal Aaron Karo, here are some things I've been ruminating about lately:

- The NBA playoffs have been so good this year. Back when they started, Nate and I argued for about an hour about whether the NBA playoffs or College Basketball's March Madness was more fun to watch (In fact, Nate wrote about it here). I still think that March Madness is more exciting and a better time watching, but my Lord, how good have these NBA Playoffs been? So many close games, so many stars rising to the occasion, so many ridiculous shots... it's been awesome. The only thing that hasn't been great is the officiating, which seems to have reached an all-time low. In many games, the refs are so one-sided, or make so many UNBELIEVABLY bad calls, that it's painful to watch. At this point, I think there is better refereeing in the WWF.

- Speaking of which, the Pistons post-season turned out to be a dissapointment. I have since calmed won from my homicidal rage, but wow was that a stinker. It's upsetting to see Rasheed go from wearing the WWF Championship belt a couple years ago, to the Intercontinental belt this year, to now not having anything. Hopefully this makes the Pistons hungry for next year, at least to get Ra some gold to wear around his waste.

While we're on the subject, this is not Flip Saunders' fault. Chauncey Billups said it before one of the Heat games when asked about it. Something along the lines of "It's not Flip's fault, he's done everything right, it's the players. We're the ones out there not producing. We're the ones that have to hold ourselves accountable and go out there and perform." Well, they didn't. It was embarassing how badly they didn't perform. I just want to let you know that I don't think it was Flips fault.

- Also, fuck Antoine Walker. I've always hated 'toine, and I hate him even more now. That jiggly piece of shit was dancing around when he hit a 3 in garbage time of game 6 of the Pistons series and it made me want to rip his throat out. Have some class. With those big titties of his, 'Toine would be better suited dancing around at Diamond Cabaret and having rich Japanese businessmen stuffing dollar bills down his G-string than on the basketball floor of the NBA Finals. Antoine Walker used to be a woman. No, I'm not bitter at all.

- Michelle Wie... is anybody else as non-excited about her as I am? Yes, she can ball. Sure, she's a sweet golfer. Of course I'm impressed that she's 16 and can hit the shit out of the ball... but this huge media frenzy that follows her everywhere as she tries to make the US Open is ridiculous. I would like to see her first do something on the LPGA, then come talk to me about playing men's golf. She couldn't even carry Annika Sorenstam's jock... uh, if she had one.

- The injury to Albert Pujols sucks. In this age where every slugger gets criticized for being on steroids or being a total douchebag (in Lamar's case he's both), Prince Albert is such a welcome star. He can absolutely mash the ball, plus he's an all-around nice guy. He has done so much work with Downs Syndrome, and contributed so much money to charity, that everybody loves the guy. What an unfortunate time for him to get injured, because, I think I'm speaking for everybody here, we would have loved to have seen him set the all-time single season home run mark.

- The World Cup starts Friday... hory cow. Such exciting times, and so many stories going on, I don't even know where to begin. My "Onyewu 22" jersey arrived this weekend with my USA Soccer scarf, and you can bet I'll be watching every game that I am physically able to. More on this in the upcoming days.

- An update on Noobsports2.0 - It's been a frustrating process. The freelancer we hired to do the work for us started doing a wonderful job, but disappeared off the face of the earth. Last we heard from him, he had to leave the country (not sure which country), and one of his family members died. This was over a month ago. Anyway, progress has stopped, so we're trying to find another freelancer to work with us. It sucks, and we had all these visions of grandeur, but they have to be put on the backburner for a while.

Paul Pierce used to be a woman too. Rasheed has been relegated to fighting Hacksaw Jim Duggan to open WCW Saturday Night these days.

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