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Wednesday, June 21, 2006 


- Fuck the Heat. I hate the Heat. I hate Antoine Walker, and his increasingly large breasts. I wanted to see Dirk and Cuban beat them. Oh well. Great NBA Playoffs.

- Apparently the Stanley Cup Finals were awesome. I didn't catch more than 20 minutes of the finals though, because, like Uncle Junior is to Tony Soprano, the NHL is dead to me. I just can't get into it anymore (unless the Wings are involved), and unfortunately I'm not the only one. Out of all my friends who are hockey fans (of which there used to be many), the only one that acted like they cared a little bit was crazy Jay. Other than that, not a peep from anybody.

- Go USA. Holy shit, go USA. Go Italy too. If anybody wants to join Team Noob Sports West, we will be viewing the game in Denver at the Celtic Tavern in LoDo. I will be the guy wearing the Oguchi Onyewu "22" jersey and waiving the Team USA scarf over my head. I will also be drunk (starting to drink at approximately 6:30 AM) and will most likely have the look of somebody who is just about to lose complete control. Please do say hello.

- Just in case the Noob Sports Jinx is still ruling the universe, I want to take this time to say Go Ghana, and Go Czech Republic! Ghana has the United States beat in every aspect of this game. They have better players, they have a stronger defense, better forwards, and are overall bigger, faster, and stronger. They will most certainly handle the United States, and the game won't even be close.

By the same token, Italy isn't even in the same league as the Czech Republic. This game won't be close, I don't even know why they're playing it... If the Czech Republic doesn't mercy Italy in this game, I will be shocked.

Love the pic of gruber, he just must be shit-faced.

I guess soccer won't be the new 4th major sport. Go Shock.

Wow look at these clowns. Are you sure their picture doesn't belong with the pictures of A-rod's "team"?

is that scott mcclintock in the middle there?

Is Gruberville's collar popped ala his favorite athlete JJ?!?

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