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Friday, May 19, 2006 

Go Cavs!

I don't believe in curses... but I am a very superstitious person. I'm not OCD superstitious, but I do a lot of little stupid things to make sure things happen properly in my life.

Back when I played soccer in college, I wouldn't shave the day before or of the game, I would always wear the same boxer-briefs and socks for every game, being careful to put my right sock on, then my left, my right shoe on, then the left, tying my right shoe, then the left. I would then put my shinguards on and tape my socks, being very careful to do the right before the left. I wore the same nasty shoestring to keep the hair out of my eyes every game.

Some of these quirks apply to my real life as well. When I wake up, all the numbers need to add up to "10" (for instance, I can wake up at 7:03 or 7:12, but not 7:37 or 7:51). I still put my right shoe on before my left foot, and when I sleep, the open end of my pillowcase needs to be on the right. I have done these little things my entire life, and so far I would have to say my life has been pretty great, so I'm going to continue to do these little 'superstitious' quirks to make sure things keep falling my way. Maybe a little strange, but that's just how I roll.

So when Nate mentioned to me that we have a "Noob Sports Jinx," my first reaction wasn't to laugh it off as a funny idea for an article, rather something that should be looked into. And you know what? The fucking guy is right. I don't want to get into it any further (for fear of reversing the jinx), but just take a look at our track record, both historically and recently... it's uncanny.

Having said that, I'd like to let you all know that we both personally feel the Cleveland Cavaliers will win the series against the Detroit Pistons, in either 6 or 7 games.

Bron Bron is just too good. We are all witnesses, and we will probably see him have career games tonight, and (if need be) Sunday night. The guy is just too money, and there is nobody on Detroit that can stop him. The Sports Guy alluded to it today, and I have to agree with him... LeBron is going to have an epic night.

Another thing - The Cavs defense is just too much. They have held Detroit below 90 points the last 3 games. I'm positive this will happen again, and they will continue to keep the Pistons shooting at about 30%.

Those are facts people. The Cavs are the best team in the NBA, maybe even in the whole town. Add to the mix that superstars like Anderson Varejao, Eric Snow, and Ira Newble (Nooble?) are prominently involved, and it's a recipe for both immediate, and long-term success.

The Pistons don't have a chance. The Cavaliers will certainly win tonight, but if for some wild reason they don't, they will DEFINITELY win on Sunday afternoon at the Palace. I guarantee it.

This is ridiculous. The pistons rule. There is no such thing as a jinx and you guys should both be expelled from the Pistons' fanbase. go hang out with that attractive crowd in cleveland. you make me sick.

Great comment tough guy

sure sounds like you are borderline ocd. maybe we should get bill murray to play you in the tv movie about your life.

If The Cavs are the best team in the NBA, then I am Mickey Mouse! Wait, check that... Big Z may very well be Mickey Mouse. You know that bearded fool likely has a creepy love for Disney characters. So nasty. Anyways. Your daily routine is looney and so is your naysaying.

Everyone in Indy wants the Cavs to win. We love (and miss) Mike Brown, especially.

I always assumed noobsports readers could pick up on sarcasm. Especially Quicheton. It was good to get the W tonight... but we do not look like the same Pistons that I've been watching the past few years and all this season. Sheed's injury is killing us on the defensive end and our offense is incredibly stagnant. What happened to moving the ball and not just trying to take people one on one all game? That said... Detroit Pistons: 2006 NBA CHAMPS.

I just had something really in-depth and agnosticating of the new 23 written, but I have decided to just post the following: Fuck you Lebron.

i loved that shoe string

bootleg, shoestring, and the mother fuckin' backstabba

flint town what

Cavs beating pistons? You guys are fucking out of it. Pistons shot 30 percent the other night and lost by two. If we would have played the mavs or the spurs and shot 30 percent we would have lost by 45. We played 2 or 3 of the worst games of our SEASON and lost them by a few points. The cavs are not even a very good team. Look at Varajeasardj's hair. What a douchebag. And, as my father will tell you, Z.I is likely the biggest Yugo in all of American pro sports. Bron may be a great player, but look at his stats from beyong 15 feet. His jumpshot is not good enough to be deemed "epic". People try to compare him to Mike but its a different day and age. Until Lebron can lead his team to a championship we should not be using their names in the same sentence. Pistons are clearly not going to lose in game seven in the D. Poor predictions.

thank you noob sports for saving the piston's season and my summer.

Did I miss your prediction on the Preakness, did you guys pick Barbaro?
I heard you guys are really big on the Heat, is that true?

... Obviously some of you guys missed the point of writing that. The point is: every team we have written about has turned around and done poorly.

With that in mind, I took it upon myself to write about the Cavs and how good they are. Result? Poor, the Pistons win. (which, in reality, is a good result... since I'm a die-hard 'stones fan)

And yes, we should have said bet the farm on Barbaro.

By the way - Pistons fans - you're very welcome for cursing the Cavs.

(Let the record show that I am scared to death of writing anything about any of the teams I like)

sel, why do i sense an upcoming noobsports article about how the czech republic is unbeatable, italy is a powerhouse and ghana is a dark-horse to come out of group e?

Lebron can do some witnessing of his own... while WATCHING the rest of the playoffs.

Go Stones

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