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Monday, May 22, 2006 

Double Standards, Kidnapping, and Broads On Ice!

I was thinking about this during halftime of the Pistons/Cavaliers game 7, and I'm glad The Daily Dime mentioned it: there is a total double standard for Kobe and LeBron, and the way the announcers/media talk about the two of them.

Much was made about Kobe's game 7 second half performance... the announcers during the game were wondering why he wasn't showing up, why he wasn't carrying his team. For the next 2 days, all the talking heads on ESPN (Rome, ATH, PTI) were saying that Kobe choked, that he didn't have the killer instinct, that he can't lead his team to victory like Jordan.

Then LeBron has his chance. Game 7, down by 2 at halftime against the mighty Pistons, the chance to begin writing his legacy... and what does he do? Total choke job. King James was destroying the Pistons in the first half by taking the ball to the hoop, and dishing when it wasn't available. In the second half, he went 1-9 from the floor, and 7 of those shots were jumpers. In my eyes, a total bed-shitting.

Were the announcers putting the screws to LeBron? Were they saying he's not as good as Jordan? Were they saying he was the reason for his teams collapse? Will the talking heads on ESPN be talking about the chicken bone caught in his throat for the final 24 minutes of the game? No. The announcers continued to smoke Lebron's pole, showing highlights of him during this series, talking about everything great he has done for this Cleveland team, and how special it was that they took the Pistons to 7 games. That's crap.

That's all I'm going to say on this subject... I'm sure the Kobe Apologist (Nate) is already firing up his waaahmbulance in Chicago and will have much stronger opinions about this than me. Let me reiterate - I am NOT a Kobe fan. I think Kobe Bryant is a two-faced, back-stabbing Douchebag Rapist who should be putting up triple-doubles in a California Penal League while giving his fresh fruit to the Squirrelmaster and taking it up the Hershey Highway from Bogs and the Sisters.

Having said that, I think there is a double standard when the media compares Kobe Bryant and LeBron James.

Moving On.

Here's some more cheerful news: A CFL Kicker has Vanished on the way to his new team!

Duncan O'Mahoney (actual name), a 29 year old kicker who was on his way to Winnipeg to join his new team, The Blue Bombers, has straight up dissapeared.

Since he didn't fly through the Bermuda triangle, there are only 2 reasonable explanations - (1) Alien abduction, (2) Kidnap.

As far as Alien Abduction goes, I'll let Dave Chappelle explain: "Aliens are real, we've known about them for years. [They're] responsible for most of the significant technological advances in the last few decades. That's right; cell phones, Playstation 1 & 2, all of it. Some may have mistaken the accomplishments for the work of the Japanese, but it was definitely [Aliens]." It is very likely that O'Mahoney was abducted by Aliens, and that sucks for him.

However, there is also a chance he was kidnapped. Kidnapping goes on all the time, especially in Central and South America; in fact it's one of their proudest traditions! This has recently transferred over into the Sports World, with many family members of Soccer players, and more recently, Baseball players being kidnapped. It's a fool proof plan. Kidnap the family, hold out for a ransom, get paid. Simple.

Professional athletes know all about this. My boy 'Sheed, when talking about teammate Carlos Delfino - "Carlos ain't no punk, they kidnap people where he's from."

So, Duncan O'Mahoney might have been kidnapped by some crazy Canadian terrorists... it makes sense. A kicker is a great target. They aren't very strong, won't put up much of a fight, but they still get paid at the same time. I'm not sure about CFL kickers, but NFL kickers would be a great target... and, quite frankly, I'm not sure why Mike VanDerJagt hasn't been kidnapped yet.

Anyway, when we find out more about the dissapearance of Duncan O'Mahoney, we'll keep you updated.

Moving on...

Thank you to The Mighty MJD for this video - this just confirms my suspicions: Nobody slings lip like Hockey players, Nobody.

Lebron is 21 years old.


They're already building the entire league around him.

I would say his second half was more a result of Detroit's defense.

Kobe's an ass.

Of course there's a double standard. Why wouldn't there be? This isn't literary criticism, it's big business. King James is the gravy train.

It's pretty simple really.

this is lebron's first playoffs, and virtually single-handedly he took his team one game away from the eastern finals.

plus, the beef with kobe was for him being known to be moody and not shooting the ball in the 2nd half. and the fact that his team blew a 3-1 series advantage.

i wouldn't say it's a double standard, because as you can see, the scenarios were very different.

kobe does take too much shit from the media though. when he drops 50+ and they lose he's greedy. when he tries to pass it more and they lose he's an idiot for not putting the team on his shoulders. short of winning, it's pretty much a no-win for kobe.

everyone's on lebron's jock because he's so young and experienced a moderate bit of post-season success. it's deserved.

I think Kobe would get with Advacado

I think Kobe would get with Advacado

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