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Monday, April 17, 2006 

Unnecessary Mock Draft IV

Our fourth unnecessary and under-achieving attempt at mocking the NFL Draft (NYC, April 29-30).

1. Houston Texans - Reggie Bush (RB, USC) - Without a doubt, Bush will become the second consecutive first overall pick from Helix High School in San Diego. That has to be some kind of record. Unlike high school teammate Alex Smith, expect Bush to be ready to make an immediate impact.

Bush is so talented that no one is talking about current Texan running back Domanick Davis, who has been very good on a very bad team the last couple years. Houston was wise to hold onto Davis this offseason, as it would have been hard to get a good return in a year where Shaun Alexander and Edgerrin James were free agents. With Eric Moulds now opposite Andre Johnson, new head coach Gary Kubiak is set up to look like a genius.

2. New Orleans Saints - D’Brickashaw Ferguson (OT, Virginia) - My sweet Brick would pair with the Saints' previous first rounder Jammaal Brown to form a supremely talented young tackle duo. The Saints are trying hard to deal this pick to a team in love with Matt Leinart, but haven't been offered near the deal they were hoping. Still, if the Jets decide to leapfrog the Titans for Leinart the Saints would be sitting pretty at 4, probably taking Mario Williams.

3. Tennessee Titans - Matt Leinart (QB, USC) - Speaking of Alex Smith, he should be paying Leinart a percentage of his rookie contract. Leinart's decision to stay at USC earned Smith more money than any agent ever could, as the Trojan would surely have gone first overall in '05. If Leinart is off the board, Tennessee will take my sweet Brick.

4. New York Jets - Vince Young (QB, Texas) - Its difficult to predict where exactly Vince Young will be drafted. Most whispers indicate he will not fall below the Raiders at #7, as owner Al Davis has reportedly developed an infatuation with him. The Jets can't seriously be counting on Patrick Ramsey and Chad Pennington, can they? Mario Williams is another possibility, as is the afore mentioned trade to snag Leinart. The Jets have so many holes that they really can't afford to give up the #29 pick to move up.

5. Green Bay Packers - A.J. Hawk (OLB, Ohio St.) - The first of six potential Buckeye first rounders. The only question about Hawk is whether or not the Packers will give him as big a signing bonus as the Ohio State University did.

6. San Francisco 49ers - Mario Williams (DE, NC St.) - Super Mario would be a steal for Mike Nolan and company. He is a freakish athlete who has been compared to Julius Peppers. Enough said.

7. Oakland Raiders - Michael Huff (DB, Texas) - With their man Vinny off the board, the options for Oakland appear to be Huff, Vernon Davis, Jay Cutler, Brodrick Bunkley, or Haloti Ngata. Huff is the best football player of the bunch, while Davis offers the most upside.

8. Buffalo Bills - Brodrick Bunkley (DT, FSU) - Our earlier mock drafts had Ngata going to the Bills, but Bunkley has ran up draft boards. Davis should be their guy, especially after the loss of Moulds, but all signs point to a DT going in this slot.

9. Detroit Lions - Vernon Davis (TE, Maryland) - If Davis is available and Huff is off the board, the Lions will draft offense in the first round yet again. Davis is the prototypical seam stretching tight end and would benefit from the knowledge of Marcus Pollard. Something tells me that Marinelli and Millen have Huff pegged as their guy, but in this scenario Davis is a great consolation prize.

10. Arizona Cardinals - Jimmy Williams (CB, Virginia Tech) - Some mock drafts have Williams going quite a bit lower, but how can you argue with his size (6'2, 210) at the corner? He's way too cocky and gambles way too much, but he could very well develop into a shut down corner. Dennis Green would love to pair him with Antrel Rolle at corner so that he his safeties can play close to the line of scrimmage and shut down the run. Jay Cutler is another possibility for the Cards.

11. St. Louis Rams - Jay Cutler (QB, Vanderbilt)
12. Cleveland Browns - Ernie Sims (OLB, FSU)
13. Baltimore Ravens - Winston Justice (OT, USC)
14. Philadelphia Eagles - DeAngelo Williams (RB, Memphis)
15. Denver Broncos - Haloti Ngata (DT, Oregon)
16. Miami Dolphins - Chad Jackson (WR, Florida)
17. Minnesota Vikings - Chad Greenway (OLB, Iowa)
18. Dallas Cowboys - Tye Hill (CB, Clemson)
19. San Diego Chargers - Santonio Holmes (WR, Ohio St.)
20. Kansas City Chiefs - Johnathan Joseph (CB, South Carolina)
21. New England Patriots - Kamerion Wimbley (DE, FSU)
22. Denver Broncos - Leonard Pope (TE, Georgia)
23. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Marcus McNeil (OT, Auburn)
24. Cincinnati Bengals - Ashton "Feelin' On" Youboty (CB, Ohio St.)
25. New York Giants - Antonio Cromartie (CB, FSU)
26. Chicago Bears - Mercedes Lewis (TE, UCLA)
27. Carolina Panthers - LenDale White (RB, USC)
28. Jacksonville Jaguars - Demeco Ryans (OLB, 'Bama)
29. New York Jets - Sinorice Moss (WR, The U.)
30. Indianapolis Colts - Laurence Maroney (RB, Minnesota)
31. Seattle Seahawks - Nick Mangold (C, Ohio St.)
32. Pittsburgh Steelers - Donte Whitner (S, Ohio St.)


you guys had all weekend to come out with this? terrible. where is this noobsports 2.0 that i've been hearing about? what happened to sunday, sunday, sunday? or the noob of the week?

Yikes. It was fucking Easter weekend. Damn, take it easy on a brother.

Hey I have an idea. If we have nothing to write about and we've lost all creative abilities, why don't we do another UNNECESSARY mock nfl draft. Then we can wait another 5 days a post something else completely worthless.

Noobsports has lost it's luster, and unless 2.0 is as amazing as it's touted to be, then the noob downfall is absolutely shocking. I'm with Let-Down. Bring me something worthwhile to read.

And my Monday is officially ruined. Thanks, anonymous posters!

Tough call here guys. There is no real groundbreaking info here. I could call up every PR department in the league and get these "publicized names" in similar order.

What about guys under the radar. Do a piece on that- it might take some work but start with Wide Recievers. Jason Avant, the Wolverine who is built like TO and had a progressively better career at U of M with a capping senior season.

ha a little sarcastic criticism and everyone melts down.

like andy reid would ever take a running back in the first round.

and there's no way ngata falls to 15. no way.

Hey Nate don't worry about these noobs, if they don't even have the balls to leave there name by their comments they are not worth worrying about.

One question do the Lions really need Vernon Davis or is it a best player avalible situation.

So...any chance we can get a draft drinking game guys?

Whether it was sarcastic criticism or not, I don't see why there is a need for comments like that.

Let-down and Bored with Noob (most likely the same person): we appreciate that you visit our site, and we're sorry that you're dissapointed. However, posting stuff like that anonymously, and taking unprovoked shots at us like that is pretty bush league. We say time and time again that we like hearing feedback, even if it is critism... however, we're much more likely to listen to constructive critism than something that is bashing us. I hope you realize that when you post comments like that, it makes nobody happy (besides possibly yourself). There aren't any other readers who are going to read what you wrote and think to themselves "wow, this guy has a point, these guys suck and I'm not going to read them anymore". They wouldn't have come here in the first place if they thought that.

Addressing your point "bring me something worthwhile to read"... that's what we try to do. If you don't enjoy what we produce, you certainly aren't forced to take precious time out of your day to visit our site. These articles take much longer to think of, research, write, and edit than you would think... you can ask anybody that has written a guest column for us. Apparently others seem to think that our content hasn't "lost it's luster" and is "worthwhile to read", since our readership has increased steadily every week since we started the site in January. Plus, almost all of the feedback we have received from people has been very positive, so we must be doing something right.

Finally, Nate and I work our asses off at this, for basically no pay. This takes a ton of time and effort, and every word that we write, every picture we post, every link we put up... we're also putting our reputations on the line. We realize that people will disagree with what we say, and it's tougher than you would think having every single word you write be public information that is always up for scrutiny. Also realize that we both have other jobs and personal lives, and this is something we do on the side. Plus, like Nate said, this last weekend was Easter weekend, and we might have had alternative plans than sitting inside on a computer deciding what to write for you.

So, to whoever is leaving those posts, do us a favor and just relax. If you want to bash us, feel free to send us as much hate mail as you'd like... our email address is noobsports@gmail.com. Nate and I both have thick skin and can take criticism, it's just annoying when people hide behind the anonymity of the internet and blast others, knowing that there will be no repurcussions. We kindly ask the you show a little self-respect, and that you stop trying to knock us on our own website where everybody else can see it.


i don't think the steelers are thinking safety in the first round...they signed the skins ryan clark to start and already are saying they expect for him to call the plays.

i think the steelers ideally would hope for one of the RBs (maroney or lendale) to fall to 32 or might even trade up a few spots.

not a bad mock draft, though.

For those of you who are down on the 4 mock drafts, look at Yahoo!, look at ESPN, look at basically any other sports website around. I know for a fact at yahoo, that they are at their 4th mock draft. This happens because of new information based on team needs and free agent signings.

They may not have "original" ideas about how the draft is going to fall (not a bash at the noobsports crew) but when you look at the teams' needs how can it be original? Houston is obviously dying for a playmaker and you will be hardpressed to find something other than Reggie Bush or a trade down situation on ANY mock draft. AJ Hawk is almost a lock in Green Bay. Yes, the draft may not fall this way, but on Mel Kiper Jr. really knows--because we all know he rigs the draft.

Anyway, to reiterate SEL said back up off of the noobsports team they are producing similar content to every other sports website.

the lions will not go skill offense in round one again. they can't. they'll take jimmy williams or winston justice if huff is gone. hopefully huff is there because he is a stud. i'd love to see them trade down though and get 2 guys late in the first round like cromartie who would be a top ten pick if he didn't get hurt. peace noobs.

I can't believe you guys were such pussies about getting ripped on. Some people are going to dog you no matter what, however they may have a valid point. I want some craziness like we had with the Bode Miller experiment. Give me a follow-up.

Noob 4 Life

I can't believe you think that we don't have the IP address and location of the "anonymous" poster. Hmm...

I can't believe you reply posted on your own site. Man up.

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