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Friday, April 07, 2006 

Pics to Click

This week had been relatively sunny, clear, and warm here in Chicagoland. Today the weather has turned gloomy and the temperature dropped to 40 degrees. Naturally, Fridays are my days off. Stuck inside, I watched the Cubs triumph over the Cards in Opening Day at Wriggles and tried to fight off the doldrums by reading and other indoor activities. The reading enabled me to finally finish off Bill Simmons' Now I Can Die In Peace, which may eventually lead to a Noob Sports book review. More importantly, the pointless perusing of the internet (i.e. Deadspin) led me to something much greater: the following NBA family portraits, which I'm certain will improve your day as well.

The Wallaces enjoy a beautiful day in the country, although father looks like he is about to get T'd up.

The Bibby family strikes a pose for Olan Mills. Isn't their youngest adorable?

Nothing cheers me up more than seeing the illegitimate spawn of my favorite NBA commentator, Bill Walton.

Tony Parker's wealthy ancestors.

The many generations of Boozers.

And finally, the Hamiltons take a break from their family reunion.

Enjoy the weekend.


That last one is in poor taste since they are at a family reunion due to a death in the family. You Bastards!

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