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Monday, April 24, 2006 

Detroit Sports Report

Detroit Tigers - Yesterday (Sunday), we saw a matchup of two of the games brightest young pitching stars: Felix Hernandez and Justin Verlander. King Felix threw a great game (only 1 earned run and 9 K's in 7 innings), but couldn't stick with Verlander. Said Curtis Granderson of Verlander: "I'm glad Verlander is on our team so I don't have to face him.... he looks like he has an edge in this game -- and he's only 20 years old." I didn't have a chance to see the game (apparently nobody in Detroit did either, as their new TV deal blows goats), but it sounds like J.V. was bringing it. He hit 101 on the radar gun in the first inning, and 100 MPH a couple other times.

Detroit went on to win the game 6-4, with "Only the Lord saves more than" Todd Jones picking up his second save on the year. The Tigs improve to 12-7, a record that, if you asked any Tigers fan before the season, they would love to see. They're also 10-2 on the road, their best road record to start a season since 1984... I ain't sayin, but I'm just sayin.

Detroit Red Wings - Since nobody cares about hockey anymore, we'll do our best to fill you in. The Wings have been given the #1 Seed in the West, and match up against the Edmonton Oilers in the first round.

A pushover right? Wrong. Of the 5 games the Wings and Oilers have played this year, 4 have gone to OT. That's what happened in the first game, with the Wings prevailing in overtime.

Game 2 was yesterday, with the puck dropping at 11 AM Mountain time. I had spent the night in Denver Saturday night, and woke up at my friends' place on Sunday morning, quite hungover. This problem was solved quickly, and after a morning "attitude adjustment" and a trip to Jamba Juice, everything in the world was right again. We got back just in time to see the Wings play.

Dwyane Roloson stood on his head for the Oilers, making 33 saves and holding the Wings to only 2 goals, when they easily could have scored 5 or more. The Oilers evened up the series with a 4-2 victory, making this now a best of 5 series. Stevie Y almost scored the goal of the playoffs, beating a couple of Oilers and getting the puck on his backhand while falling, only to see his shot nick the post.

However, there was a pretty crazy series of events, at least as far as we were concerned. With Detroit leading 2-1 midway through the 2nd period, my buddy Gruberville got up to "take the Browns to the superbowl," if you will. During that time, me and my buddy El Corro were laying on the couch in the living room, and witnessed the Wings give up 2 goals within a minute of one another. Gruberville finished up his business, and returned to the living room no less than 2 minutes after he left, and looked at the scoreboard and just calmly said ".... what?". Our only response was "yeah", and he finished off our monosyllabic conversation with "oh." We then watched the rest of the game, as the Wings couldn't find the net.

It's not time to worry yet Wings fans, this was just a bump on the road to the Stanley Cup.

Detroit Pistons
- My hero, Bill Simmons, has repeatedly tried to jinx the Pistons this year. Every NBA column he writes he mentions how crazy it is that none of the Pistons "Big 5" have gotten injured.

Well, his jinx almost worked Sunday, with NBA 3 point percentage champ Richard Hamilton going down with a sprained ankle. As Pistons nation held it's collective breath, the news turned out not to be nearly as bad as the announcers made it out to be. The X-rays came back negative, and Rip should be fine for Wednesdays game. Flip Saunders said that if the game was close (which it wasn't), that Hamilton would have been fine to re-enter the game.

The stones won the game 92-74, led by the boogeyman, Rasheed Wallace, with 22 points. 4 players scored in double figures, and the Pistons showed why they are still the best defensive team in the league, holding the Bucks to 35.6 percent. THE Ohio State University grad Michael Redd led the Bucks in sucking with a 4-15 performance.

[For the Record, when Nate says he chooses the "Marathon over the Madness", he is speaking for himself, not for both of us. The problem with writing for a website with two equally opinionated writers, is that sometimes the readers mix up our views. Personally, I agree with the comments people made that Nate "clearly likes men," and he's a "homo." I think March Madness is 5X more exciting than the NBA playoffs. I still enjoy the NBA playoffs, especially when them 'stones are playing, but it doesn't hold a candle to March Madness.]


Preach the word Reverand Steve,
The NBA playoffs does not hold a candle to March Madness. Nate is blood and I love him like a brother but he has always been wrong about the NBA and will always be wrong about the NBA

can Sunday Sunday Sunday! and the Noob of the Week return?

Thanks for another Tigers curse Noobs.

I am with Mr. Nate. I have been going nuts since Sunday. I am on a cruise and can not get good coverage of the NBA playoffs. Needless to say, I was over joyed when I caught the second half of the Clippers-Nuggets game last night.

Mr. Nate and I had this conversation, back in March, when we decided to watch the Lakers play the Cavs over watching a low scoring tourney game (which SEL had on in the other room). Our game turn in to a battle between Kobe and King James. It went down to the wire, with Kobe almost nailing a fade away 35 footer. Great game and it was only the regular season. Plus, I can not stand listening, every March, to the logic of why Butler will upset Seton Hall in round two, which is always brought to you by the random sports fan who only follows college basketball after presidents day (and picks the Dukies in every bracket).

nice going curtis, your boy verlander is 23 years old. king felix is 20.

oh yeah, stop cursing our winning streaks.

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