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Tuesday, April 04, 2006 

Beisbol Has Been Bery, Bery Good To Me

These last three days of the college basketball season have been a shocker. The games have been so bad, so unbearable to watch, that I'm not even going to talk about them. All I'm going to say is Congratulations Florida, you're the champs, and you did it with out one of Sag-Nasty's all-time best street ballers: Peeper (Anthony Roberson). Quite frankly, I would rather watch the women's final four. Actually, not really, women's basketball is terrible.

More importantly, beisbol season upon us! Yesterday was the opener, and the 162 game marathon that is the major league baseball season has begun. My thoughts on opening day:

- An admittedly nervous Jem Leyland got his first win as the Tigers manager. I believe he smoked 3 packs of cigarettes during the game, up from his normal 2. Hopefully his nerves will be calmer the next time. The gambler looked great, going 6 innings giving up 1 earned run, and 5 strikeouts. I still argue that the older Kenny Rogers gets, the better his sinker is because he can't throw as hard.

Chris Shelton went 3 for 4 with 2 jacks, but my favorite story of the night was Tigers young stud Joel Zumaya. Zumaya came in and pitched 2 innings. He gave up 1 hit and 1 walk, and struck out 3. Folks, Zumaya brings GAS. Every fastball was recorded in the 97-99 MPH range, and it's been rumored that he routinely cracks 100 on the radar gun. He also mixes in his other pitches, as one of his strikeouts was recorded as a 78 MPH curveball that just buckled the hitters knees. Zumaya's performance was so moving, Buster Olney wrote about him.

- I know we have a lot of Chicago readers here, and my guess would be that they're mostly CUbs fans (who likes the White Sox?). This probably comes as a huge surprise, but the best two horses in your stable, Prior and Wood, start the season on the disabled list. That's all right, there's always next year.

C.C. "Splish splash I was takin" Sabathia went to the disabled list after one pitch. When asked what the problem was, C.C. replied "Cheeseburger, Cheeseburger, Cheeseburger!!!". Huh.

It looks like Nomar Hamm-Garciaparra will take his first trip to the DL today with a strained intercostal muscle. I'm pretty sure that doesn't even exist. As of now, there is still no word yet on when the Dodgers are planning to fire GM Ned Colletti.

- A lot of the buzz out west this year is about the A's and their pitching staff, how good it is. They lookd outstanding yesterday in their debut against the Yankees.

- In San Diego last night, after the bottom of the 8th inning as the Giants were jogging off the field, a fan threw a syringe at Barry Lamar Bonds. Oh man, that is straight up OUTSTANDING. My guess is that it's the same Korean fan that held up the sign that said "Ichiro, Close yo mouth cuz you have SARS." I wonder if the syringe throw will make ESPN's new hit reality show "Bonds on Bonds"?

- Finally, the Noob Sports fantasy baseball league has drafted, and that's exciting for everybody. In the next couple days, we'll bring you what each manager thinks about his (or in Titty's case - her) team, and how they will fare during the season. Now take a deep breath and relax, because baseball season is upon us.


Intercostal muscles are between the individual ribs, they help during breathing

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