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Friday, March 17, 2006 

Welcome to San Diego!

Welcome to rainy San Diego. SEL, NJV, and T-Necks are here, anxiously awaiting the arrival of Bar-none, who missed his flight out of DC this morning. As you can probably guess, he was too hungover to catch his flight. His alarm went off at 6:30 Am (D.C. time), and his roommate asked him "Ryan, are you going to get up?" His reply: "What the fuck do you think.... no!!!"

Anyway, the beer is flowing like the salmon of Capistrano in the hotel room, and we're about to head out into the Gaslamp Quarter. The streets are paved with green astroturf, there are live Irish punk bands playing everywhere, and the beer and whiskey are being drank like its St. Patty's Day, imagine that. Nate is swearing uncontrollably (he only refers to San Diego as "FUCKING San Diego"), and the March madness is, well, mad.

In our first real time update, Bar-none has arrived. After a 4 hour drunken layover in Minneapolis, he is nursing his second hangover of the day. Immediately, we go about the business of updating his bracket: "Man, I watched some of these games, but I was so drunk I don't remember."

The first order of business is drawing teams for each of us to root for, with the USA now eliminated. Drinking penalties and rewards will be assessed based upon the results. Bar-none drops this gem: "Man, if I get stuck with fucking Cuba I'm killing myself... seriously, I'm not going to the games," basically giving himself the kiss of death.

The results of the Noob Sports WBC draft:
Bar-none: Cuba (OUTSTANDING!!!)
NJV: Dominican Republic
SEL: Japan
T-Necks: Korea

Shortly afterward, we decide that we're going to make a huge poster that says "Herro Hans Brix" for the Korea game. Chances are strong that we're going to get kicked out.

Clearly, the weekend has started off on an outstanding note. Keep it locked for more live updates...

-The Noob Sports Family

I don't regret ridding the draft to give Bar-none Cuba one bit.

One Korea.


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