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Sunday, March 12, 2006 

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! [3/12]

Happy 3/11, a day late. I hope you all took the time to listen to Transistor, From Chaos, Grassroots, Sound System, Evolver, and Don't Tread On Me. 311 was celebrated in Boulder, although not sexy results for everybody. Let's just say that E. Goltz had a "bad trip" when celebrating 3/11, and needed to be kept under adult supervision until he was okay to rejoin society. This is actually a really funny story, if you'd like to hear all of it feel free to email us. Regardless, happy 3/11.

A Look Behind

- SEL told us why Denver sucks... as a sports city.

- Nate, Todd, and Derek pooled their collective fantasy resources for the first part of "What's Your Fantasy."

A Look Ahead

- New Family Guy tonight. New Sopranos tonight. ESPN's "Through The Fire" debuts, the story of Sebastian Telfair.

- The Noob Sports family will be live in San Diego starting Friday, covering the World Baseball Classic semi-finals and finals from Petco Park. We will also cover the St. Patrick's day parties and the tomfoolery that comes along with the first weekend of March Madness.

- Still working on Noobsports 2.0, estimated new site launch date is the 22nd of March. Take it easy, these things take time.

- The rest of the sports news, plus our opinions on what's going on in the world.

As always, we reward our fans on Sunday with some of the best and the brightest the information superhighway has to offer.

- From the Old Style videohunting library: One of our all time favorites. All Your Base Are Belong To Us. True story, I owned this game as a kid growing up, and my little brother T-Lep and I would play it all the time. Even back when we could barely read, we still thought the intro was hilarious; so hilarious that it started an internet phenomenon and the video and techno song that follows the link.

- The Real Life Simpsons... an introduction to the show using real people. This is really cool.

Once again being a Michigan basketball fan is depressing. Once again they didn't make the dance. It's embarassing that during the Michigan/Minnesota game the announcers were talking about how great of a man Tommy Amaker is. He may be a great man, but he's a shitty coach. He can't recruit, and he's a shocker of an in-game coach. No motivation, no passion, no intensity during the Minnesota game. To make matters worse, they quoated UM's AD as saying "Tommy Amaker's job is safe, he will not be fired." Why hasn't somebody started a www.firetommyamaker.com yet?

A little controversy in the WBC. Top of the 8th, bases loaded for Japan, somebody hit a lazy flyball to left field. Randy Winn (who should NOT be on the field) caught it, and threw home, the runner safe... however the USA appealed and threw the ball to 3rd, saying the runner left before the ball was caught. Initially the umpire called him safe, but after Buck Martinez came out and argued, the call was overturned. The announcers said "we could have an international incident." To be fair, I honestly think he should have been ruled safe. But hey, any good news for the USA is good news for this guy. [USA wins 4-3 on a gay-Rod game ending, bases loaded, very weak dribbler up the middle... hey man, I'll take it]

- The Noob Sports Family

You left the best 311 cd out of your list - Music. What a bunch of noobs.

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