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Wednesday, March 15, 2006 

SEL's Ramblings

- Aye, Papi! If you haven't seen it yet, you need to see the highlight of the homerun David Ortiz hit the other day. Not only was it a bomb (it went roughly 750 feet), but we saw one of the best bat flips of all time, this side of the Great Lakes Wiffleball Association. The catcher must have been talking some serious shit, because after Big Papi hit the guts out of the ball, he pimped it; throwing the bat about 8 feet in the air, and turning around and staring the catcher in the face for about 2 seconds, before taking off to jog around the bases. I think it's funny to see the media's reaction to this though. Had this been Bonds pimping a moon shot, the media would have scewered him. Since it's Ortiz, who the media thinks is lovable, little has been made about this, and the little commotion we have heard has been praising him. Probably because he has one of the best spanglish accents on the planet.

- My house just upgraded to Comcast Digital Cable Silver Package... and my God, I've been living in the dark ages. That's the problem when you live with 3 people who don't like sports and couldn't tell the difference between watching a movie on USA and HBO. However, because of our shared love for the Sopranos, it was easy to con them into breaking down and paying the extra for digital cable. The guide and On Demand features alone make it worth it. Not to mention the fact that we now have channel 401... Fox Soccer Channel. In the less than 24 hours since we've gotten the new cable, I've watched Marseilles vs. St. Etienne, Liverpool vs. Arsenal, an hour long highlight show of German soccer, a half hour long highlight show of Japanese soccer, a World Cup 2006 preview, and a world football recap showing the top 10 goals of the last week. Let's just say that my life has been changed, for the better.

- The Lions re-signed Kalimba Edwards to a five-year deal. I like this. They have also signed Shaun King and Jon Kitna to multi-year contracts, giving us the three-headed monster of Harrington, King, and Kitna. Hopefully Mike Martz is the offensive genius that he's made out to be, because those 3 quarterbacks don't really strike fear into the hearts of opposing defenses. To be honest, I would have much rather seen them take a run at Drew Brees.

- Speaking of Drew Brees, the New Orleans Saints just signed Drew Brees (and his mole) to a 6 year, $60 Million dollar contract. I think this is good for the Saints, as Brees has had a monster last two seasons. I always knew he would be good in the NFL, ever since my good buddy Wampies used to rack up 750 yard, 5 touchdown games against me using the Boilermakers in NCAA football 2001 (let the record show that despite his impressive offense, I would still win 90% of the games. Wampies played no defense, and ran the ball a total of 10 times in the 20 or so games we played). This makes the Saints' #2 overall pick interesting this year. They probably don't need Leinert now, so I personally think they should try to trade down and still try to get defensive end Mario Williams. But what do I know?

- Daunte Culpepper to the Dolphins. This is a big gamble for Saban and co., but I think it has the opportunity to work out for them. When Saban coached at LSU, he always had mobile quarterbacks, and had great success with them. Culpepper has been mobile for most of his career, but who knows after his recent knee surgery. All I know is that if Daunte could get a Love Boat Sex Cruise going up in the icy waters of Minnesota, the possibilities are ENDLESS as far as what he can do in Miami. This can only bring good things.

- The new VW commercials on TV are fantastic. They're so bad, so ridiculously over the top, that they're funny. Kind of like the movie "Zoolander." It has this old german guy with a shitty german accent (think the Nihilists in "The Big Lebowski) who asks these posers if they want to "pimp their rides"... which are usually tricked out rice rockets. They then smash the car, and reveal either a Jetta, or a GTI, or something (I don't even know). The Nihilist then goes over in front of the car, kneels down, and says something about Volkswagen, while flashing a sign that is a combination of a backward peace sign, and a "west side" sign. It's outstanding. I'm starting to flash that sign whenever I see a Jetta or a Passat on the road.

- Don't forget to get into our March Madness pool. We already have roughly 50 entries in, and the deadline is Thursday at 11 AM EST. Remember, the top 3 finishers get a sweet prize (to be revealed shortly). It's really easy to sign up, just click the link and follow directions:


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SEL failed to mention he was using Virginia Tech every time, who featured the best video game quarterback of all time in one Ron Mexico. Who cares about defense anyway, its more fun to play 84-77 games. But yes, Brees was a flat out stud with the Boilermakers and any shotgun formation.

i think the German Guy in the horrid VW commercials is the con with long hair in Fox's Prison Break.

He was sweet though in the Russian Space Station

In the "Skills that will NOT get you laid" category... check out this guy.


'Deutschland Joe' from the VW commercials is making the "VW" symbol with his fingers. not that i pay attention to stuff like that.

And now Josh McCown. It has to SUCK to be a Lions fan. Not that being a Bears fan is a dream.

Where is Joey going? I swear I'm going to lose it if I see him in a Chicago jersey. I can still taste the vomit in my mouth from watching Cade McNown.

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