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Tuesday, February 21, 2006 

That Damn Shaun White

So I open up my Noob Sports inbox today, and I see an email with the title "You're Getting Bumped for Shaun White...". I proceed to read on, and realize that it's true: Shaun White is replacing me on the Sports Bloggers Live radio show today. I do realize that this is DEVASTATING news to the hundreds (if not hundreds of thousands) of Noob Sports fans out there that were going to tune into the show. That flying tomatoe sonofabitch.

All is not lost though, I will be on the show Thursday afternoon... the show broadcasts at 5 PM EST. More information as the date approaches.

I will give the guy some credit though, he IS the most successful red head in the history of the United States. Homeboy has an olympic gold medal in snowboarding, and more X-games medals (both snowboarding, and skateboarding, by the way) than Antonio Alfonseca has fingers (12).

Regardless, you should still listen to todays show, live at 7 PM EST. Click Here to go to their website and check it out.

Oh yeah, I also threatened Jamie, the host of Sports Bloggers Live, that I would "hunt his ass down and shank him, prison style" if he bumps me off the show again. Seriously.


Thats really to bad I was looking forward to hearing it, but Shaun White did do A really nice job at the Winter X. I don't know if he really HAD to do three 1080's in the same run back to back but he definitely threw it down. I am looking forward to hearing you on the air though. Great job with the site. Take care.


Thanks for being so cool about getting bumped for Shaun White. I'm not sure how I feel about getting shanked though.

Regardless, IRregardless even, I'm really glad we got to get the Noob on for a brief moment during last night's show to talk about the Bode Miller Experiment. You can hear it towards the very end of the show that's playing at sportsbloggerslive.com right now.

Also, if you wanna hear the interview with all-American badass Shaun White, here's the clip: http://us.video.aol.com/audio.full.adp?pmmsid=1469178

Jamie Mottram
Sports Bloggers Live

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