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Monday, February 20, 2006 

Super Bowl Drinking Game Results

If you didn't know, a few weeks ago we put together an Official Noob Sports Drinking Game. The game was played by many college kids / adults who know how to party / town drunks across the country, and was given rave reviews. When we put the game up, we asked that if people played, that they send us their stories about the game. We got a number of responses, but this one, submitted by Nick W. from Northfield, Minnesota took the cake (plus they had somebody take pictures throughout the entire game... which is fantastic):


I'd like to thank you guys for providing the Super Bowl drinking game. A bunch of us got together last night, battling hangovers from the previous day that were still present, at least in me, upon kickoff, and proceeded to engage in the game.

It started off slowly, but turned into a fantastic time where the five of us playing put down close to 3/4 of a keg. This was partially due to us tweaking one of your rules (we turned the "take a shot" rule into a "slam a beer" rule, partially because the previous night involved copious amounts of shitty liquor such as Karkov Vodka, Windsor Whiskey, and Evan Williams Bourbon and I personally would have puked on the spot if I had to take another shot within 48 hours), but your game accounted for this festive occasion, and for that we are very grateful (though
disappointed in the lack of walrus or Sergeant Slaughter references).

The highlight of the game had to be when Michaels dropped the "Fast Willie" bombshell right before the commerical break after his long TD. That, combined with Randle-El's TD pass on a trick play, really put Team Seahawks (of which I was not a part of) over the top.

Even better, we managed to have a somewhat sober observer take pictures of both teams after every quarter to show how progressively we got more drunk. Really, the pictures don't manage to do the effects of the game justice, but they do provide a solid indicator. I think you'd appreciate images of D3 football players in rural Minnesota getting hammered off your game.

Thanks again for the game,

Nick W.
Five of them put down 3/4 of a barrel playing our game... awesome. I'm also glad to hear that we weren't the only ones dissapointed with the lack of a "walrus" or "Sergeant Slaughter" reference.

Anyway, we promised to post our favorite story, and this was it (apologies for the delay). These guys actually did a really good job of documenting the game with funny stories and photos throughout the game. The entire article (with comments and photos) can be seen here: Carleton College Noobs playing the Noob Sports Super Bowl Drinking Game. I HIGHLY suggest checking it out, as it's very humorous.