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Sunday, February 12, 2006 

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! (02/12)

Another week is in the books for Noobsports...

A look behind

- SEL graded the Super Bowl commercials. Bonus points were given to any commercial that didn't feature Jay Mohr.

- The AL West Offseason Report Cards resulted in a Moneyball lovefest.

- Mike Martz was hired as offensive coordinator of the Detroit Lions. Obviously, he needs our help.

- And of course, the biggest story of the week was Operation Zamboni Alfredo...err, Operation Slap Shot.

A look ahead

- Upon SEL's return, the long overdue results of the Bode Miller Experiment. We promise it will be worth the wait...

- The National League Offseason Report Cards. Will any team in the Central receive a grade higher than a C? And yes, there will be more jokes about how old the Padres are.

- The results of The Official Noobsports.com Super Bowl Drinking Game, as told by the readers.

- The rest of the sports news, plus our opinions on what's going on in the world.

As always, we reward our fans on Sunday with some of the best and the brightest the information superhighway has to offer.

- Kids sure do grow up fast these days.

- Who says that you aren't supposed to play with fire?

- Another video from the Old Style Classic Collection. There are few things more hilarious than a properly executed swift kick to the groin, unless its a swift kick to the groin by a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.

- The unfortunate souls who have played Halo against the Noobsports Family can probably sympathize with this guy.

- Ever wondered how silly it was when Reggie Bush was competing against the high school meatheads of the world? Follow the link, read the article if you'd like, but definitely watch the video by clicking on the link on the leftside of the article.

- Noobsports reader and internet aficionado Noop provides us with yet another useful online music tool.

Thanks again readers for another great week. We really appreciate the feedback we get from you guys, and we appreciate that you're telling your friends about the site. We'll continue to keep providing the goods as long as you keep reading and spreading the good word.

- The Noobsports Family

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