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Thursday, February 16, 2006 

Noobsports to appear on Sports Bloggers Live Radio show.

Fantastic news my fellow noobs:

Tomorrow, Thursday, SEL will be on a radio show to discuss the recently completed "Bode Miller Experiment." Here's the email that we received:

Dear Noob Sports,

We'd love to have you on AOL's Sports Bloggers Live radio show -- sportsbloggerslive.com --Thursday afternoon -- tomorrow! -- at 12:50 PM ET to discuss the Bode Miller Experiment, which is really, really funny. You'd be on within the same segment as SI.com Olympics blogger Richard Deitch. You'd be on air for three to five minutes and the studio number to call in to is 1-866-382-7469.

I can't stress enough how much we'd enjoy having you on the program, so please let me know if you can join us. We'd be happy to promote your site to no end. If you can make it, let me know what the best number is for you to be reached at Thursday afternoon (land line preferred).

Thanks so much,

Awesome, awesome, awesome. In case you were wondering if the guys at Sports Bloggers Live are for real, check out some of the guests they've had: Ron Artest, Roger Clemens, Dan Marino, Dwyane Wade, Don Mattingly, Drew Rosenhaus, Cal Ripken, Mike Tyson, Jerry Rice, Craig Biggio, and Jim Brown. Mike Tyson? MIKE FUCKING TYSON! I'm going to be on the same radio show that the greatest killer of all time was once a guest on! Pretty fantastic.

Please tune in if you'd like to listen to SEL make a fool out of himself on national radio. Like the email says, it will be on at 12:50 ET. The site also says that Thursday at 5 PM is the next episode... so who knows. It's either 12:50 or 5:00. You can also download their episodes as podcasts, or listen to them on the internet. Plus he claims they're going to "promote (our) site to no end", which is cool.

The exciting times continue at Noobsports.


Spell it out for me exactly how I can get to this. I went to the site, but couldn't figure out what the hell was going on. I am a noob.

I am glad to see that the BME has proven so successful. I thought it was a fantastic idea from the start. But why not take it one step further and carry out the Oksana Baiul experiment?

oksana...i'd like to see schlepps try the nancy kerrigan experiment...with more shots of goldshlaager...and see if a steel pipe would really make someone cry "Why meeee??"

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