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Thursday, February 23, 2006 

More Hotness: Noob Sports appears in Newsweek

Noob Sports and Bode Miller Experiment are discussed in the February 27 edition of Newsweek, which is on newsstands now. We appear on page 14 under the heading Blog Watch, "a mainstream-media look at what's hot (and what's not) in the ever-widening world of weblogs." You can also view the mention by following this link.

Newsweek is a pretty big deal. You can find the magazine in every grocery checkout line or bookstore across America, but we suggest stealing it from your dentist's office. Of course, that damn Shaun White bumped us again, this time from the cover, but it's still pretty hype. Plus, we didn't have to shoot any of our friends in the face to make the magazine (although we certainly would).

-The Noob Sports Family

P.S. Thanks for the tip, Randall. Good looking out.

do any of lepper's hats still fit him?

Hey noobs, stop tooting your own horn and start posting some more of the content that got you on cold pizza and newsweek in the first place. Your 15 minutes of fame could be up before you know it.

Finally, some criticism... love it.

And I agree with it, although I wouldnt call it fame "faithful reader."

Point taken, though. Ride slow, homie.

Your next big project/experiment could distance you from the one-hit wonder status and turn you into something special. Good luck. Blog On.

Pretty awesome guys. Keep up the good work and the funny stuff.

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