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Friday, February 17, 2006 

The Hotness Continues: Noob Sports Appears on ESPN2's Cold Pizza!

The fast time times at Noob Sports continue. During a segment about sports bloggers on ESPN 2's morning show "Cold Pizza," guest Jamie Mottram conversed about our very own Bode Miller Experiment. The spot included a screen shot and a complete description of the procedures of the Experiment. He even quoted SEL and used the term "yard sale" to describe the results of SEL's drunken attempt at a 360. The episode of Cold Pizza will re-air this morning at 10 AM EST, with Jamie's segment beginning promptly at 11:30 AM EST. Don't miss it!

Mottram is the host of the excellent radio show Sports Bloggers Live on AOL Sports. As mentioned before, the show broadcasts twice a week or so, and it's honestly really, really good. Yesterday they had recent hall of famer Bruce Sutter on the show, and Jamie used the word "taint", which was really funny. You can download the podcast of the show by clicking here (Also, if you listen to that episode and let it load all the way, you can fast forward to the end where they talk about Noobsports. You can hear a guy in the background go "that blog is awesome". But listen to the entire show). We highly suggest listening to the show, because it's straight cash homey. Also, next week Tuesday, SEL is going to be on the show at 7:50 ET (live) to discuss the Bode Miller Experiment.

Also, as promised on ESPN2, Cold Pizza has added us to their links page. We'll quote Ron Burgundy, "We don't know how to put this... but we're kind of a big deal." Forget that, we're straight up Billy Bigtime.

(Watch ESPN2's Cold Pizza, 11:30 EST, and watch Jamie Mottram talk about Sports Blogs and Noob Sports).

-The Noob Sports Family

Hey love the blog. It seems we were also mentioned on Cold Pizza today, but we haven't seen it. By any chance do you have a video of the show or segment that you could post online somewhere? If so we'd love to get our hands on it, thanks.

You can email me at nbablog at gmail dot com thanks!

Credit should go to Poppa Van Heest for his work with the screen shots from today's show.

WOW!!! COLD PIZZA?!!! THAT'S SOOOOO AWESOME!!! God, you guys couldn't be more gay.

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