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Sunday, February 05, 2006 

Carleton College Super Bowl Story

[Editors Note: This Story was submitted by Noob Sports reader Nick W. from Northfield, Minnesota. The views expressed in this article do not reflect the views of Noob Sports, and are solely the authers ideas. Besides the "getting hammered and watching the Super Bowl" part, that was our idea.]

Team Seahawks Pregame: Particpants from left to right are Matt (black Bengals sweatshirt and goofy smile), Pat (hungover looking guy in the cutoff Wesley Walls jersey), and Adam (Wolves Garnett jersey). Others pictured throughout are non-participating casual drinkers. And yes, before you ask, we all know we look ridiculous.

Team Steelers Pregame: Participants from left to right are yours truly, Nick (in the Steve Tasker jersey inspired by an early afternoon listening of "Glory Days"), Paul (in the blue "college shirt" and nursing a case of the actual flu in addition to the bottle flu all of us were suffering), and impartial, semi-sober judge Randy (in the yellow shirt holding the rules).

Team Seahawks at the end of the first quarter. More guests arrive, and the party has started, but it's still pretty subdued for Team Seahawks. We even had to institute the "if anyone laughs during a commercial everyone drinks" rule during the second quarter and are all thinking to ourselves that hey, this might not end badly at all.

Team Steelers at the end of the first quarter: We don't feel badly at all, though the dinking and dunking of two drinks is making us remember our hangover more. Still, we're upbeat considering how poorly the Steelers were playing.

Team Seahawks at halftime: Nobody feels too bad at this point, thoughthe game is starting to hit stronger, as Pat's semi-flexing shows. Everyone at this point is hoping for a very un-patriotic halftime.

Team Steelers halftime: We still feel decent about our chances for
making it through the night but are just hoping that the Steelers come out with some fire in the second half. However, we've got to stop laughing at stupid commercials.

Team Seahawks end of third quarter: The pictures don't accurately show the change, but at this point drunken rambling is in full effect. Shortly most of the non-participants depart as a result.

"Fast Willie!"

Team Steelers end of third quarter: Strong start, though I could have lived without the finish. I'm starting to like the staircase.

Both teams, end of game: We're pretty pumped about finishing the game strong and drinking through the end to the point where a little less than a quarter of the High Life keg remained. The next morning and afternoon weren't great - in fact they were awful well into the early
evening - but this is a game we're definitely playing next year. Had we not played, the Super Bowl would have been a pretty dull affair - your game turned it into a worthwhile use of approximately 4 hours.

If you guys have any other drinking games revolving around upcoming sporting events such as March Madness or the NFL Draft, we'd be glad to test them out and report on the results.

Take Care,

Nick W.

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