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Tuesday, January 31, 2006 

T.O. - Where you at?

Terrell Owens coming out to Colorado and playing with the Denver Broncos?

According to espn.com, Broncos Coach Mike Shanahan sat down with T.O has B.O. and discussed the possibility of him coming to the Mile High City.

"If somebody handles himself the right way they could come into the organization, but they're going to have to live by the standards we practice," Shanahan said. This obviously means shit, since Shanahan also drafted Maurice Clarett (From THE Ohio State University) in the 4th round this year. Yo Maurice, where YOU at?

I actually think this would be a good fit for the Broncos. Their top receiver last year was Rod Smith, who I'm pretty sure was around during the Great Depression. Ashley Lelie has proven to be a deep threat, but he dropped a lot of balls this year and was an overall dissapointment.

At QB for the Broncos is the Snake, who we know likes to hoist the ball downfield. Having a premier wide receiver like Terrell Owens might be exactly what the Broncos need to push them over the hump. This year, they entered the playoffs as the AFC's #2 seed, and went undefeated at home until having their shit pushed in by the Steelers in the AFC championship game.

Their running game is already on point, with the two headed monster of Tatum Bell and Mike Anderson, plus the Great Dayne backing them up. Their line is solid, their defense is excellent, and they found a way to keep Jake the Snake from throwing 20 interceptions this year. I really think having T.O. would force teams to respect their passing game more, which would open up their already potent running game.

What about all the baggage that Terrell carries with him? Well, that's an obvious gamble. You're risking him turning into a super-douche again and ruining the team chemistry. However, Denver is a mature team with a lot of veteran leadership, and I don't think the guys on the team would let him get out of control. Having said that, I would certainly love another debacle involving T.O., and would root for a complete disaster if he came out here. Plus the thought of seeing T.O. rolling with K-Mart and Melo at a swank LoDo night club makes me giddy.

Yo T.O., where you at? (please come to the Mile High City).


T.O. is my boy. I'm gonna be hanging out with him in the D this weekend, only $50.00 to get in to his party. It's gonna be off the chain.

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