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Wednesday, January 18, 2006 

A-Rod finally chooses team

"Great choice Alex!"

Not to undercut my partner Nate (sorry Booster), but there is more breaking news out of the A-Rod camp. After weeks and weeks of trying to figure out which team he would play for, Alex Rodriguez has finally made his decision.

"My parents are dominican, but I also have an American passport, so this decision has been especially tough. I've been going back and forth, and I've finally come to a decision... I'm playing for the other team!" said a giddy A-Rod. "For months I've been confused, and I've heard people from both sides telling me that I should play for them, and the pressure has been almost too much to take"

When asked why he chose to play for the other team, A-Rod answered "Well, I listened to my heart, it just feels right. My family, and my friends support my decision."

Alex's friends (pictured above), said that they're delighted with his decision, and that they will stand behind their man no matter what anyone says. (You can read more about A-rod's friends HERE).

* For anybody who missed watching the Nuggets vs. Cav's game, you missed LeBron getting emasculated. After picking off a pass, he dribbled the ball behind his back, and brought it into the lane to do one of his over the top thunderdunks. Apparently, my boy Kenyon Martin took offense to this... and swatted the shit out of him. A foul was called, and LeBron came down glaring at Kenyon; only to realize that K-Mart eats children and would absolutely kill him if he wanted. King James quickly averted his gaze, while Kenyon kept staring at him... it was fantastic. For those of you that ever played NBA Street, you know the sheer fear of taking it into K-Marts house, knowing that he can break you at any moment. LeBron felt that same fear for the first time tonight (although old LeBron did put up a quadruple double in the state championship game, and smooth LeBron thinks there's too much garlic in his sauce).

* Marinelli... updates as more information is learned. I have to say I feel better having him coaching the Lions than a guy named "Man-gina", or whoever just got hired on with the Jets.

* After choking his wife in front of many onlookers outside a Seattle billiards club, Sean Locklear was told he was going to start Sunday. Welcome to the exclusive fraternity known as "Athletes That Strangle" (Alpha Tau Sigma, for those of you keeping up at home), joining esteemed members LaTrell Sprewell and Daniel Horton.


Is that Tripp in the background?

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