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Friday, January 27, 2006 

Noobie, Noobie, Noob...

We just have to share the hotness sometimes (Fridays, actually).

Noobsports Coach of the Week:
Dickey Nutt of Arkansas State

Noobsports Name Change of the Week:
Andy Kwok of Chicago, from Fuk King Kwok, for obvious reasons

Noobsports Rhyme of the Week:
"Its da ice man Paul Wall
I got my mouth lookin' somethin' like a disco ball
I got da diamonds and da ice all hand set
I might cause a cold front if I take a deep breath
My teeth gleaming like I'm chewin on aluminum foil
Smilin' showin' off my diamonds sippin' on some potent oil
I put my money where my mouth is and bought a grill
20 carrots, 30 stacks let em know I'm so fo real
My motivation is from 30 pointers V VS the furniture
My mouth piece simply symbolize success
I got da wrist wear and neck wear dats captivatin'
But it's my smile dat's got these on-lookers spectatin'
My mouth piece simply certified, a total package
Open up my mouth and you see mo' carrots than a salad
My teeth are mind blowin' givin' everybody chillz
Call me George Foreman cuz im sellin everybody grillz."
- Paul Wall, "Grillz" w/ Nelly

Noobsports Question for Discussion of the Week:
Why is Jack Bauer constantly whispering?

Noobsports Outfit of the Week, Dress Category:
Maria Sharapova

Noobsports Outfit of the Week, Shorts Category:
Daniela Hantuchova

Noobsports Girlfriend of the Week:
Camille Nevieve (Marco Baghdatis)

Noobsports Hoss of the Week:
Billy Beane, GM of the Oakland A's. After signing Frank Thomas to an inexpensive deal and trading for Milton Bradley in exchange for next to nothing, the Oakland offense might be dangerous enough to support the stellar pitching staff.

Noobsports AWOL Celebrity of the Week:
Norm MacDonald

Noobsports 35-5 Record to Begin A Season of the Week:
Detroit Tigers, 1984 (sorry 'Stons)

Noobsports Gambling Lock of the Night:
Minnesota Timberwolves +5.5 at Houston Rockets

-The Noobsports Family

If Jack Bauer raises his voice, the terrorists win.

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